1.1. Activation and implementation

The activation of the LiveCloud services that are contracted by the CLIENT will be done from the signature of the respective term between the CONTRACTED PARTY and CLIENT. Typically, Processor will work to make the new environment and/or service under contract available within 1 business day, depending on its effective term of the contract scope and the requests/services contracted in addition. The activation is considered completed when the CONTRACTED PARTY, sends a communication in a "welcome" format to the services provided.

The implementation service, when purchased, includes provisioning, configuration and possible migrations for the provision of contracted LiveCloud services. Any existing data migrations from the current environment to the new one in LiveCloud are generally limited and subject to network/links throughput in the client’s environment. To speed up this "moving" the CONTRACTED PARTY offers physical copy options and fast internet port upload. This is an optional service that should be used whenever the upload time is more than 2 days and/or deemed necessary by the CONTRACTED PARTY'S implementation team. The quotes for this will be provided to the client whenever necessary, and are not included in the services provided, unless mentioned in writing. Complementary outsourced data security services may also be quoted and made available if the CLIENT and/or CONTRACTED PARTY deem necessary.

The CONTRACTED PARTY is not responsible for the solution of possible incompatibilities in the migration from the CUSTOMER’S legacy environment, but will make its best effort to enable proper conduction and operation in the new platform. If additional costs are incurred, depending on the implementation, these will be informed by Processor to the CLIENT and added in the subsequent billing period, after its approval.

1.2. Operation

The operation service to be executed by the CONTRACTOR comprises the administration through pre-defined routines and support actions, according to the CONTRACTOR's service methodology to guarantee the availability, health and integrity of the service contracted by the CLIENT. It also includes the fulfillment of requests pertinent to the contracted scope.

The CLIENT may at any time request adjustments to the services by registering calls on the LiveCloud portal at

The attendance of calls related to the operation service will be available during business hours, 5 x 10 (from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm, business days).

In the operating condition, routine services are scheduled to be adjusted and/or implemented during business hours and business days. If adjustments need to be made outside this context, additional costs may incur and will be invoiced to the customer according to the technical hours table effective at the time of use as per the profile of the professional assigned to the task.

1.3. Monitoring

The monitoring service includes monitoring the availability of the assets and services contracted in the LiveCloud platform, in 7x24 mode.

Any incidents identified by the CONTRACTED PARTY will be reported to the CLIENT by the portal and/or by the electronic communication system, according to the contracted solution.

1.4. Support and opening of incidents

The CLIENT has technical support available for the correction of availability problems relating to under the contracted Livecloud services (incidents).

Support coverage for critical service/mission outages is 7x24 (seven days a week, 24 hours). Unavailability of services means the impossibility of the CLIENT to access/use the service contracted due to problems in the contracted environment.

The support is restricted to the availability of the contracted services infrastructure. Functional support and/or adjustment is not contemplated in hosted applications, which can be fully contracted with Processor.

To open technical support calls (incidents), the CLIENT must register with the CONTRACTED PARTY, during business hours, up to 2 (two) contact persons who will be responsible for triggering the support services through calls on the LiveCloud Portal.

A technical support call (incident) will only be considered valid when there is a protocol number made available by the portal (or the attendant). No opening of calls will be accepted by email and/or any other informal method.

The maximum time for the CONTRACTED PARTY to begin giving support to the incident is up to 2 hours after the incident is registered.

1.5. LiveCloud Portal

The LiveCloud portal provides information on the purchased LiveCloud solutions, as well as a management interface for monitoring the services contracted by the CLIENT.

Services available on Portal:

  • Display panels of purchased services
  • Monitoring management visions of the services in use
  • Availability of services
  • Evolution and other changes in the environment over time
  • Service Request
  • Call opening
  • New hires
  • Logs of the main activities

The instructions for access to the LiveCloud Portal will be forwarded to the CLIENT after the activation of the services, with the necessary information for management and monitoring of the contracted services.

Monitoring of service levels (SLA), indicators (KPI) of services provided, opportunities for improvement, techniques or processes, may also be monitored by the CLIENT in the LiveCloud Portal, whenever contracted services have this functionality available.

1.6. Governance

The methodology of LiveCloud services management was developed based on the experience and know-how acquired by the CONTRACTED PARTY over the years, together with the use of best practices according to international standards.

All the operation processes, monitoring and performance management are followed up by the area management, with continuous evolution and PDCA, using the Methodology of Delivery Processor - MDP for its execution.

The method includes cash management, which facilitates the perception of investments, strategies, risks and resources for the sustainability and evolution of contracted services.

The processes and activities developed by the CONTRACTOR are recorded in order to support any internal audits to analyze the levels of services performed. Any executions performed in the environment by the CLIENT will also be registered. From time to time, the CONTRACTED PARTY may perform tests in the environment to evaluate the quality and adequacy of the services. The CLIENT declares to be aware of such procedure and that the environmental information will be used by the CONTRACTED PARTY for this purpose.

Due to the allocated resources and cost contexts involving the management and organization of the services provided, the negative elasticity of these are limited to a maximum of 50% of the initial base contracted by the CLIENT.

1.7. Evolution

The evolution of contracted services, as well as the activation of new services may be requested through the CONTRACTED PARTY’S tools and/or LiveCloud Portal. Critical developments necessary to maintain the availability of the contracted services may be carried out automatically by the CONTRACTED PARTY and will be added to the quotes whenever they are performed, based on the current price list at the time of need. Typically, the CONTRACTED PARTY will do this type of action when, for example, there is a lack of disk space and/or similar situations in which not taking action could compromise the services provided.

In addition, the CLIENT should be aware that, whenever possible, the CONTRACTED PARTY will provide environments with automatic resizing. This positive elasticity feature , when applicable, automatically allocates resources in proportion to the demand presented by the services used/consumed by the CLIENT. The LiveCloud Portal will contain information about the resources and contexts of use for CLIENT awareness.


The overall availability of LiveCloud services is 99.95% for the wide majority of contracted items, and may be higher if high availability options are contracted, reaching 99.98% in certain contexts and specific solutions.

The percentage of monthly activity time is calculated with the maximum available minutes, minus the downtime, divided by the maximum number of minutes available in a month.

Maximum available minutes is the total accumulated minutes for a month.

Downtime is the total accumulated minutes that are part of the maximum minutes available.

The CONTRACTED PARTY shall provide notice of changes that may impact the availability of LiveCloud services whenever they add value to the CLIENT.

The maximum time for the support to begin for operation calls by the CONTRACTED PARTY is up to 2 hours from the registration of the call, via LiveCloud portal.

2.1. Management matrix of responsibilities
Description Responsible
Provide access to the LiveCloud Portal with indicators of use and monitoring of services CONTRACTED PARTY
Provide information on the environment to be migrated when needed to implement and/or migrate items to be enabled in LiveCloud services CONTRACTING PARTY
Provide local equipment, if a solution requirement, for connection to the LiveCloud CLIENT
Release credentials to access the environment for VPN configuration and/or connection method to services CONTRACTING PARTY and CONTRACTED PARTY
Service Performance Control CONTRACTED PARTY
Technological tool for service management CONTRACTED PARTY
Operation, support and monitoring of contracted LiveCloud services CONTRACTED PARTY
Provide management reports in the LiveCloud Portal CONTRACTED PARTY
Opening of calls (requisitions and incidents) through the LiveCloud Portal CLIENT
Providing the information and contexts required in the new LiveCloud environment to be implemented CLIENT
Request for information and data within 30 days of the deactivation of the services for the purposes of downloading/backing up the data to the CLIENT's environment CLIENT
Security and confidentiality of the information provided in the LiveCloud environment CONTRACTED PARTY
Meet the requests and patterns/rules of environment use and LiveCloud services established by Processor CLIENT
Passwords, users and password protection and access contexts CLIENT
2.2. Deactivation of services and information retrieval

In case of non-continuity of the LiveCloud services, the CONTRACTED PARTY will keep its information for up to 30 days after the services are terminated. During this period, the CLIENT may request to download the information and data hosted in the contracted services. If there is the need for additional time, options are available for contracting data retention services.

The services will be charged according to the volume of data to be transferred according to Processor’s current price list. After this period, the data will be removed and deleted by Processor.


The services provided by the CONTRACTED PARTY and relationship between the parties are established in the master subscription agreement available at